Corporate Services

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Cultural Training

Working within an international organization or with international colleagues, living abroad in an unfamiliar country, and dealing with cultural differences are often stressful experiences for all parties involved. Through workshops, presentations, and training sessions, Rola prepares our clients for international success.

Team Integration

Whether for a mergers, acquisition, or partnership, ensuring successful team integration is key for all employees and managers undergoing a transition. Rola works closely with both teams to ensure a smooth, painless transition process.

Executive Coaching

Due to cultural and linguistic differences, guiding an international team can be challenging and frustrating to managers. Rola provides step-by-step training for managers working to successfully direct a diverse, multicultural team.


Individual Services


Language Training

Accent Reduction – Rola is prepared to improve all aspects of our clients' communication skills. For each client in need of accent reduction services, the Rola team designs a specific plan to identify and target specific accent problems, as well as to help to improve speaking skills through a tailored communication training program.

Language Courses – Rola offers a wide variety of language courses through its partner company, Rola Languages. Course offerings include group classes or one-on-one training.

International Business Training

Interview Preparation – Presenting yourself confidently is vital to ensuring the successful outcome of any interview—particularly if the interview is conducted in a foreign language. At Rola, we offer programs for clients to hone their interview skills in English, Spanish, French, Portuguese, Italian or Mandarin.

Résumé Editing – Your résumé is often the first impression you leave on a hiring manager, thus it is crucial to submit a polished, well-designed résumé when applying to jobs. Rola's experienced editors will work with you to fine tune your CV and  highlight your strengths to ensure success in the application.

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International Business Training

Writing and Speaking Skills – High-level writing and speaking skills are a must in both corporate and academic settings. With a flexible, tailored curriculum, Rola's writing and speaking programs help clients to develop and hone their communication skills, speech-giving skills, presentation skills, and writing skills. 


Editing Services – When writing a proposal, grant, thesis, dissertation, or application, the language used within should be clear and error-free. Rola has a team of experienced editors who will review and edit your documents to perfection. 

Cultural Training - Working in a foreign country and/or with foreign colleagues can be difficult, but understanding the culture of a host country is vital to ensuring successful cooperation.  Through Rola's cultural training, clients will obtain a nuanced understanding of the culture in which they plan to do business.