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Many Languages, One Voice.

Creating a more inclusive world through language and communication.

Our Story

Seeing the need for improved language training and language education in the US and globally, Rola was founded to inspire a new generation of polyglots, international ambassadors, and multicultural humans. We are a human-sized company with a start up mentality. Our goal is to create companies, programs and brands that promote multilingualism, cultural awareness, and inclusivity. Rola Corporation is a minority-owned business based in Boston, Massachusetts. 

Rola Languages


Rola Languages is a language training center located in Cambridge, MA, offering online & in-person language classes,  managing after-school language programs, and advising schools and school districts on world language program implementation. 

La Familia Rocha

La Familia Rocha (Non-Transparent).png

La Familia Rocha is a book series developed by our founder. It's fully bilingual and the goal is to offer parents and children a fun and simple way to practice Spanish. Rola has developed both after school programming, as well as week long camps, around the series. These programs are available to both public and private schools. 

Our Home Boston

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Our Home Boston is an international homestay program. It was acquired by Rola, after running independently for over 40 years. OHB pairs international professionals and students with local hosts for short term housing. 

Rola Publishing


In 2020, Rola successfully launched its independent book publishing business. To date, Rola has published 16 language workbooks, 6 Spanish children's books, 4 bilingual picture books, and 2 English children's books. Our mission is to create more content with characters and stories of diverse backgrounds, while promoting language learning. 

Our Brands

Meet our Founder

Edward Lee Rocha

Rola Corporation was founded by Edward Lee Rocha. Edward is a seasoned educator, speaker, author and entrepreneur. He has a passion for people, travel and learning. He has a BA from Harvard University and an MS from Boston University. 

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