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Rola Corporation is an international education company. Our goal is to prepare the global citizen
for tomorrow’s challenges and opportunities. Scroll down to learn more about our services and the clients we have helped to reach their goals.


About Rola Corporation

Rola Corporation, founded by Edward Rocha, specializes in education management and consulting, focuses on preparing students, professionals, and companies for a global society by providing individualized training and support.


The mission of Rola is to create innovative business solutions for individuals, partners, schools and other institutions in the education space around the world. Our companies offer services that are both live and online, as well as in various sectors from education technology, language training, K-12 education, higher education, curriculum design, and consulting. 

Rola has a unique perspective on education, and applies its expertise in language, communication, and culture to both its products and solutions.

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BIG Community Spanish Episode 1
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BIG Community Spanish Episode 1

We're super excited to start our new series of Spanish programming on local access TV for Brookline Interactive Group! Our adult program will be broadcasting on Mondays at 1 pm (with a re-broadcast on Sundays at 9 am). Watch on your TV or tune in to their online live stream: https://brooklineinteractive.org/live/ ______________________________________________________________________________________________ Rola Languages offers Boston's best language classes. What makes us the best? We're a multicultural community of language teachers nestled in the Cambridge area, primarily focusing on conversational skills. We use the Rola Method, a repetition drill-based technique, to efficiently learn essential language skills. From conducting one-on-one, group, and online classes for students of all ages and walks of life, we offer Spanish, Portuguese, French, Italian, and Mandarin classes. ⬇️ Quick links ✅ Rola Spanish: https://www.rolaspanish.com Learn more about our detailed Spanish curriculum, how we can best serve your Spanish learning needs, purchase our easy-to-use Spanish Workbooks (Level I – IV), and engage with our online community. ✅ Rola Spanish Vocab Daily: https://www.instagram.com/spanish.voc... Learn a Spanish word with us every day on Instagram. ✅Facebook Live Worksheets: https://www.rolalang.com/facebook-liv... Work along these interactive worksheets designed to supplement our community learning videos! ✅ Rola Languages: https://www.rolalang.com Check out our story, get to know us, and learn more about multiple offerings across different languages being taught in the Boston area. ✅ Bilingual Holiday Series: https://www.bilingualholidayseries.com Our Bilingual Holiday Series is a dual language, English-Spanish, picture book series that introduces vocabulary and cultural themes related to holidays. These enjoyable books help young learners become familiar with vocabulary related to various holidays, helping to improve fluency and encourage cultural awareness. ✅ La Familia Rocha: https://www.lafamiliarocha.com A beginner Spanish language illustrated children's book for kids and parents created by the Founder and CEO of Rola Corporation, Edward Lee Rocha. Rola was founded by Ed Rocha, a visionary entrepreneur, author, and Spanish instructor for the past 8 years. While living abroad in Argentina and Spain, he fell in love with the idea of the language school. He was determined to build such a community in Boston. After privately tutoring Spanish for many years, Ed decided to formalize his teaching method and began Rola Languages. Ed is fluent in English and Spanish and a student of French and Portuguese. Ed holds degrees from Harvard and Boston University.
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Nurse Practitioner Learning Spanish To Better Serve Her Patient Community

We had a Rhode Island-based client who took introductory 1 and 2 Spanish online classes with us, participated in our immersion program, and then formed her own Spanish class at the hospital she worked for as a nurse practitioner. She realized that a lot of patients in her Spanish-speaking community were apprehensive about talking to her because she was an outsider and didn't know any Spanish. While she understood that there was no replacement for a translator, she wanted to make them feel welcome and feel empowered herself to conduct some small talk with them. She participated in all the classes, did her homework, and in about 3 months started using her Spanish at work, and in about 6 months, felt comfortable enough to have some initial conversations with the patients. She continues to practice her Spanish and recently stated that she can have short conversations comfortably. The combination of our standard level 1 and level 2 classes with the customized medical Spanish workshop for her and her colleagues at the hospital enabled her to reach a new level in her work performance.



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