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Rola Corporation is an international education company. 
Our goal is to prepare the global citizen
for tomorrow’s challenges and opportunities. 

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French Business Client Learning English For Career Advancement & North American Move

Our French client was a professional volleyball player on the French national team, and a pharmacist. He was working on a masters at one of France's best business schools and needed to improve his English to 1) pass his English proficiency test for graduate school, 2) find a new job and 3) move to North America. He began working with us two times a week for hour-long lessons with lots of homework outside of class. He was very studious, but needed real-life conversational practice. As part of his tailored course, we added pronunciation practice, as well as vocabulary practice. In about 6 months of lessons by video conference & phone, he graduated from his program, and in about a year he found a job in Toronto, where he now lives. We advised him on the job search process, prepared him for interviews, and even helped with negotiation practice. He improved his spoken and written English, in addition to meeting his objectives of a new job and a trans-Atlantic move.